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A 13 years old self taught programmer who is a Passionate contributor towards communities, Open Source & Hackathons, Who is Pursuing Knowledge to excel in future endeavor and helping people to enhance there learnings through providing them with practical experience and Knowledge. He is an Author at freecodecamp.org's Publications. He is currently an 162nd event ambassador at deeplearning.ai in the world and also a Mozilla Fest Facilitator. He is a founder, Organiser and a Speaker at Programmers Universal Group ( official website:- https://www.pugroups.in ). He is an official volunteer at Google Developer Group Chandigarh, Progate and Tensorflow User group Chandigarh. He is professionally a programmer, front end Web developer and an Artist. He is also a Youtuber where He shares his knowledge with everyone. He is also an open source contributor and Google Crowdsource Top contributor. He has also done many contributions in various communities. He was also selected as a share captain at Google Educator Group Ahemdabad and Pune. He was also in the list of top 10 Campus Ambassador at Developer Student Clubs Week of Wonders ( a week long national event ).

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Helping people to get practical experience and knowledge and helping to enhance there confidence by mentoring, judging, Organising & even helping others to organise one.

Documentation & Blogs

Writing accessible technical documentation for helping people to learn & get practical experience in a way so that everyone even enjoys it.

Front End Web Dev + Programming

Using best practices to build good web designs and creating programms for solving real world problems, resulting in less bugs and user satisfaction.

Events/Live Streams/Video

Creating video content for sharing my knowledge in the community and engaging live streams to highly produced videos. Even organises various live events


Helping people through various communities by giving talks, mentoring, volunteering and even helping others to organise one ( check out my community here )

Open Source (Git + Github)

Contributing in opensource by making my projects, documentatins, etc. Open-Source and even contributing to various companies, communities,etc. to make their successful projects - Open Source.

My skills

My creative skills & experiences.

Google Developers Group Chandigarh – Virtual

Volunteer ( Web Developer / Anchor)

  • Developed and collaborated with the team to design and make more responsive website hosted various meetups and events with them as an anchor.

DeapLearning.ai – Virtual

Event Ambassador

  • Organised various meetups, events, community calls in various community representing deeplearning.ai
  • Helped them to reach more people and helped more than 100+ people to get started with Artificial Intelligence
  • Became the smallest and 162nd event ambassador there in the world

FreeCodeCamp.org Publications – Virtual


  • wrote various blogs and articles on their platform and contributed to their publications.


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HTML Advanced
CSS Intermediate
Python Intermediate
Git & Github Advanced
BootStrap Advanced
Tailwind CSS Advanced
Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator Intermediate
Cloud Computing Beginner
Artificial Intelligence Beginner
Blender Intermediate


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Pulkit Singh
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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